I hope that my works generate, in whoever looks at them, the desire to smile and feel happy for all the good that life gives us: light, colors, the sun, and above all, love. »

Cross Magri is an artist whose works have been exhibited in France, Austria, as well as his native Spain. Through pop art and street style, his vibrantly colored works are intended to transmit joy and a sense of well-being. Magri invites the viewer to re-experience their fondest memories, as if for the first time. His eclectic style also blends elements from different eras, including Baroque, Renaissance and the 20th century.


I am someone who is rather reserved, paradoxically, I want to make you smile through beautiful colors and characters who rocked your childhood, all in a modern pop spirit. »

Pegaz is a French painter and draftsman whose works have been featured in solo exhibitions in both Switzerland and France. His pieces evoke the nostalgia of childhood, featuring video game and cartoon characters portrayed humorously in vibrant colors. Pegaz’s compositions are created using a gesso primer, spray paints, stencils, and posca. He prefers the overall effect of painting on wood.


Kev Munday creates positive, vibrant artwork inspired by people watching and the every day. Exaggerating and celebrating the ordinary, Kev aims for his art to appeal to all ages and make the viewer think and smile at the same time.

Working with a wide range of mediums including paint markers, spray paint and brushes, his often-simplistic naïve artworks take inspiration from art-forms as diverse as kawaii graphics and huichol yarn paintings.

Kev has created artwork for brands including Walt Disney, Graham & Brown Wallpaper, Fracture Skateboards and Uni-Ball. He was recently named in an article by The Telegraph as one of five ‘British Artists To Invest In’. In 2017, his art continued to grow in popularity across Europe, with exhibitions in France, Belgium and The Netherlands and collections being presented at Art Up Rouen and Lux Art Fair.